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Discover Your Team’s “Why” with Enneagrams

There are nine primary types that shape how the world occurs to you. On that level, it is a simple way of classifying yourself and others. Yet it goes deeper than this. Beyond type, there are instincts, action, thinking and feeling styles, conflict approaches and more. We use the enneagram to understand our first thoughts then provide a roadmap to other options. It brings our subconscious to consciousness so that we can make better choices as leaders and as teams.

In all the assessments tandemly has come across, we have found the enneagram powered by Integrative Enneagram Solutions to be the most impactful and practical. Empirically tested, with over a 95% accuracy rate in typing, it emphasizes the “why” of individual and team behaviors. At tandemly, we use the Enneagram both intrapersonally and interpersonally to foster individual and team development. By understanding our lens as leaders and other potential viewpoints, we then have the capacity and know-how to powerfully adapt our communication, thoughts, and perspectives to innovate and grow our business.

Our Workshops Help You Understand Enneagram Types To Unlock Your Team's Full Potential

Understand how each player shows up and clarify actual motivations to foster individual and team development for your fast scaling startups.

Why Work With Enneagrams?

Make Better Choices as
Leaders and as Teams.

95% Accuracy
In Results

Foster Individual and
Team Behaviors

The Enneagram creates meta-awareness at an individual and team level and uncovers

patterns of behaviors that sub-consciously drive & motivate us to act

Ready to focus

more on your business?

Top start-up leaders trust tandemly for their people solution needs. We're here to help you focus on your core business and continue to innovate. Grow in tandem with us today.


tandemly has extraordinary gifts as teachers and facilitators, engaging us in deep, personal, and experiential learning. The workshop was a river of ‘aha!’ moments.  I feel grateful and privileged to have watched you work and to learn from you.



Thank you so much for your amazing enneagram workshop. It was such a powerful tool to help each person understand themselves better - wants, needs, strategies - and see how that impacts how they show up to work. 


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