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Get to Know tandemly

Founded initially for fast scaling start-ups as their end-to-end external people solution. 
We help replicate the magic of founding teams by immersing seamlessly into organizations to stay true to their company's unique DNA. 

Our Mission

To expand the joy, genius, and optimism of people, teams, and organizations as they grow and develop from where they are today into their next phase.

How it all started

tandemly began as many 21st century partnership do, through an online connection. It was 2019 and Linny was a practicing therapist, missing her Silicon Valley roots. She discovered a kindred LinkedIn profile in Harte.


Grow in 

We grow and develop each other and our clients. Our collaborations are hands-on.



Excellent is useful and immediate applicable. We don’t let perfect get in the way of great.

We Can 
Do Hard

We do what it takes to bring out the best in our clients, partners, and ourselves. We embrace holistically on the journey of integration.


Financial investment is a tangible commitment to do impactful and effective work. We ask it of our clients and one another.


Life is a wild ride, as you to focus on innovation and your core business, we are flexible and show up how we need to.

Linny Kresch


Linny Kresch co-founded tandemly as a result of her early career experience in start-ups in Silicon Valley where she had a first-hand look at the challenges smart talented teams face as they grow into their success.

Harte Logan


Harte Logan co-founded tandemly after working for over a decade as an executive coach and consultant observing the unique challenges start-ups face just as they are reaching the growth they have been dreaming of.

Our Vision

People are joyful, teams are living their genius, and companies are thriving.

Our Values

Ready to focus

more on your business?

Top start-up leaders trust tandemly for their people solution needs. We're here to help you focus on your core business and continue to innovate. Grow in tandem with us today.

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