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Lead Your Team

You understand your business, does your quickly growing team?

We translate your vision into clear goals and objectives for your company, so that leaderships’ voice is heard … even when you’re not in the room.


80% of team conflict is based on misaligned goals. Objective and Key Results (OKRs), popularized by Made to Measure by John Doerr), help companies create actionable and measurable processes and goals with clear paths to alignment that generate results. Tandemly introduces (or re-engages) the process, trains the team, and hands back the reins as the company grows in both its comfort and efficacy with OKRs.

Mission, Vision & Values

Everyone has heard that these things are important, but do you really need them? Whether you have made them official or not, they already exist and define your company’s culture. Tandemly helps you excavate what is already there (pre-conscious and making it conscious) in a way that reflects both your current and future culture. We also recommend revisiting these at 2-5 year intervals as they are living, breathing things that rarely stay static.

Diagnostic Tools

Using surveys and interviews, we reconfirm existing challenges and reveal hidden gaps. Based on this data, we create a plan that prioritizes impact. For our retainer clients, this includes a bi-annual engagement survey to measure outcomes and iterate the plan to reflect the realities of your business and culture.

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“Wanted to thank Tandemly for the successful sessions. 

You’ve been exceptionally effective in helping us formulate compact, powerful statements from Vision to Mission to Values, something you well know we were stuck on and befuddled by. 

Perhaps even more immediately impactful has been how you’ve coaxed the team to engage, and to expose and break off some of the barnacles in the inner gears of our teamwork. Guess that’s the therapist training.”


Development & Design

We look at how your company is currently structured, who is doing what, and in tandem with you, see what the company will need from an organizational people perspective as it scales.

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