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Engage Your Team

Everything We Do to Engage Your People Individually as Managers and as Teams.

Comp Planning & 
Salary Benchmarking

The number one predictor of engagement is perception that compensation is fair. Fast growing companies hire quickly and focus on individuals. Tandemly helps you ensure that your compensation is fair. We review current salaries as they compare within the organization and industry’s standard to create a future-looking comp philosophy and structure.

Employee Leveling, 
Growth Pathing,
Job Descriptions

Early on, titles can feel meaningless and sometimes even a little silly. Yet, as your company grows, so do the needs of employees to see into their future careers. Tandemly helps you identify motivating career paths and clear roles and responsibilities. People feel driven to continue developing while the organization creates the structure to avoid future predictable pitfalls.

Talent Calibration
and Org Planning

As your funding shifts, so do your organizational needs. We help you match your current talent with the requirements of the business through a humanistic, systematic approach.

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“After experiencing significant and rapid growth that quickly expanded our small team, we knew that we needed to evolve in order to effectively scale our operations without sacrificing the magic of the team and culture we had worked so hard to build over 10+ years.

Linny & Harte have been integral in not only helping us navigate these “growing pains” but providing us the tools for long-term success, including implementing scalable structures plus regular OKR and goal-setting practices for intentional growth.”


Performance Reviews

Our focus is on meaningful and impactful, with an eye towards development and growth, versus checking the box. Create or refine a review process that is manageable and meaningful to employees and leadership.

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