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Grow Your Team

Your people are your most important asset. 

We help them bring their best selves to work and bring out the greatness in others. We develop and grow Your People Individually as Managers, Leaders and Teams.

Team Workshops

Teams are always evolving and have different needs based on the moment. We design our workshops with you based on desired outcomes, with the ultimate outcome as effective teams. We have a wide range of topics that include giving and receiving feedback, productive conflict and building psychological safety.

Manager Training

As your company grows, so does the need for managers that can lead teams. We provide practical and fun training for the modern manager that includes core leadership competencies, goal setting and accountability holding, leveling development, reviews, and coaching for performance.

Leadership 360s

Want to know how you and your key leaders are really doing? Traditional 360s tend to be standardized forms that don’t get to how people are being perceived. Our “Reputation Audits” are in-depth interviews with key stakeholders that result in long-term professional and personal growth.

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“Tandemly has been instrumental in helping ground and develop our Senior Leadership Team during rapid growth.


They’ve integrated seamlessly through Executive Coaching, Training, and Leadership offsites.


“The list of ways we have benefited from a business stand-point could go on and on, but what sets Tandemly apart from other consultants is how truly they value, connect with and support the individuals who make up our powerful team.

We have found that the magic of our people is what makes us a success; Tandemly has helped us find new ways to evolve and inspire powerful connections to keep the magic alive. For that, we are endlessly grateful!”


Executive Coaching

Early stage companies all require unique forms of leadership, and as you grow, “what got you here won’t get you there.” Tandemly executive coaching focuses on the shift from doing to finding a balance between leadership and management. Built on traditional coaching principles, our coaching is informed by the latest research and provides tools to move the theoretical into action.

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